Face to Face Tuition COVID policy – June 2020

We want to ensure that all our tutors, students and those within the office remain as safe as is possible during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and to do so, we are introducing these protocols and procedures.

These will apply to pupils having face to face tuition at the office locations.

  • If a tutor or student or anyone in the household has temperature is above 38°C and/or a continuous cough or anyone in your household has these symptoms, you must self-isolate for 14 days. Tutors should let the office know asap if this is the case.

  • If a person in the household other than the pupil is self-isolating tuition must not take place face to face on the premises until they are no longer in self isolation.

  • Tutors must wash their hands and wrists. They must do so frequently and certainly it must be the first thing that is done when entering the office and the last thing that is done when leaving. 

  • No sharing of stationary

  • No shaking hands with parents/carers or pupils.

  • Not to share cups or water bottles or accept drinks in the tuition venue.

  • Tutors must wear clothing that can be easily and frequently washed.

  • All surfaces where tuition will take place as frequently as possible with the correct anti-bacterial solutions.

  • Making sure as much space as possible is left between the student and tutor during the session with a minimum of a 2m distance at all times

  • Within 24 hours all concerns relating to safeguarding must be reported on the day to Ben Arnold, Designated Safeguarding Lead – Ben@3DRecruit.com 01424 776572