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Online Tuition Policy

  • All tutors will be provided with a 3D Recruit email account.  

  • This account can be accessed remotely by ourselves and restricted at any point. The enables us to be in control of the account and monitor any activity.

  • The tutor would send an invitation to the parent/carer’s account for them to join the video meeting via Microsoft Teams.

  • All documents are shared via files on Microsoft Teams

  • At all times the adult must be present with sight of the child’s laptop and be able to listen to the tuition.

  • Any windows opened on the tutor’s laptop for personal use must be minimised or closed.

  • Where possible, tutors should sit in front of a plain background with no personal photos on display.

  • Ensure that the environment the tutor is working in, is quiet and that any external distractions are kept to a minimum.

  • It is prohibited to connect with the parent/carer or pupil on social media. If they pupil or patent/carer attempts to connect with the tutor, they must not accept and let the client and us know immediately.

  • Tutors should also be aware that the topic of coronavirus may be brought up by the pupil.

  • Should there be any safeguarding concerns, the tutor must report this to the Safeguarding Lead, as identified in their assignment confirmation.

3D Recruit Tutoring Service Agreement

3D Recruit is committed to the following:

  • Finding the child a qualified and fully safeguarded teacher to provide tuition

  • Listening to the needs of the child in order to best match the right teacher

  • Providing a safe environment for the tuition to take place

  • Ensuring that you receive a weekly log from your teacher, with detailed feedback

  • All policies and procedures are adhered to

  • The welfare and education of the children participating in the tutoring sessions

  • Finding a replacement teacher if required

3D Recruit, would like you to commit to the following:

  • Informing  3D Recruit with 24 hours notice of any cancellations or adjustments to timetable, otherwise sessions will be charged

  • Updating 3D Recruit with any changes

  • Completing and returning the questionnaire prior to the sessions commencing

  • Adhering to all policies and procedures

  • Ensuring that child/children arrive promptly and be ready to learn

  • Paying invoices 24 hours before the tutoring session commences

  • Not to approach our teachers to work directly for you, otherwise an introduction fee will be payable.

  • Download the tutoring agreement form here.

3D Recruit Safeguarding Policy

3D Recruit acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and vulnerable adults and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice that reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice requirements. All children and vulnerable adults, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity, have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse.


The full Safeguarding Policy can be found here.​

3D Recruit Safeguarding Referral Policy

This policy has been developed in response to the paper ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children 2006’ which sets out statutory guidance on the responsibility placed on this employment business, and any other organisations who provide services to children and vulnerable adults, to take steps when allegations of abuse or other inappropriate behaviour towards a child or vulnerable adult are made against any candidate working on 3D Recruit’ payroll, regardless of pay or contract status.

The full Safeguarding Referral Policy can be found here.

Face to Face Tuition COVID-19 Policy: June 2020

We want to ensure that all our tutors, students and those within the office remain as safe as is possible during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and to do so, we are introducing these protocols and procedures.

These will apply to pupils having face to face tuition at the office locations.

  • If a tutor or student or anyone in the household has temperature is above 38°C and/or a continuous cough or anyone in your household has these symptoms, you must self-isolate for 14 days. Tutors should let the office know asap if this is the case.

  • If a person in the household other than the pupil is self-isolating tuition must not take place face to face on the premises until they are no longer in self isolation.

  • Tutors must wash their hands and wrists. They must do so frequently and certainly it must be the first thing that is done when entering the office and the last thing that is done when leaving. 

  • No sharing of stationary

  • No shaking hands with parents/carers or pupils.

  • Not to share cups or water bottles or accept drinks in the tuition venue.

  • Tutors must wear clothing that can be easily and frequently washed.

  • All surfaces where tuition will take place as frequently as possible with the correct anti-bacterial solutions.

  • Making sure as much space as possible is left between the student and tutor during the session with a minimum of a 2m distance at all times

  • Within 24 hours all concerns relating to safeguarding, must be reported on the day to Ben Arnold, Designated Safeguarding Lead – Ben@3DRecruit.com  01424 776572

3D Recruit - COVID-19 Policies – Supply Staff

3D Recruit are committed to the safety of our teachers, pupils and community relating to COVID-19 and as such will be working to the following guidelines.



  • Limiting the number of schools our teachers and support staff can attend in a reduced geographical range in a week.

  • Teachers and support staff will be arranged in geographical clusters or allocated according to Trusts or Federations

  • Prohibiting teachers and support staff from working in 2 schools in one day

  • Ensuring that they adhere to the attached COVID-19 Code of Conduct

  • All our teachers and support staff have access to your policies and procedures relating to safe working practices prior to commencing the assignment (please provide)

  • Mandated procedures that our teachers and support staff report any signs of illness immediately

  • Internal Track and Trace systems will record where each teacher has attended, which year/class they have taught and when.

  • Teachers and support staff who have reported to us that they have symptoms and/or tested positive for COVID-19 will not be able to work for 10 days

  • Teachers and support staff who have reported to us that they have been in contact with someone who has the symptoms and/or tested positive for COVID-19 will not be able to work for 14 days

  • Teachers and support staff can return to work before such time if they provide evidence that they have been tested and they do not have COVID-19

  • We will inform all schools where our teacher or support staff has attended in the last 14 days, should they need to isolate for any reason.


To reduce the number of different people entering the schools, we are asking that you provide as much notice as possible to us so we can secure you your preferred teacher or support staff.


Now more than ever consistency with staff is essential to provide stability and confidence for both parents, staff and pupils returning to school, therefore we are strongly encouraging that you pre-book your preferred teacher early as we expect demands will be high and candidates will have reduced availability due these measures to reduce of contamination and spread of the virus.


Should you have a reported case in your school, please inform us immediately so we can review all staff who have been at the school within the last 14 days and we can advise them immediately.


Please send over all policies, induction handbooks and changes to work practices as soon as possible so we can send these to our candidates before the assignment commences.


Working in partnership with you and keeping everyone safe is our highest priority and concern. As always, we welcome your feedback and recommendations.


Do keep safe and take care.


Kind regards,


3D Recruit Education

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