• Megan Hughes - Education Resource Consultant

Overcoming challenges during the pandemic

The world was presented with a pandemic which sent the United Kingdom into a lockdown by March 2020. This event led the schools to close and put our Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and members of staff out of work. This caused panic and uncertainty to our candidates and clients however, 3D Recruit coached and supported them ensuring they put their best interest first.

Not long after the United Kingdom went into lockdown the government brought out a Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which meant that we were able to furlough any candidates and employees that qualified through that criteria. This was extremely helpful for candidates as this meant that they were able to get support through these tough times.

We maintained a good line of communication with both our candidates and clients. We also reached out and informed other schools that we had Teachers and Teaching Assistants ready to help and support. We wanted to ensure that we kept our relationships strong with our clients, letting them know that we are here to support them.

COVID-19 has interrupted the conventional teaching which has had a severe impact on children and their learning. Throughout our educational systems children were advised to learn from home however, schools struggled to get resources to children and relied on learning taking place at home. As a result of this 3D Recruit offered online and face to face tutoring to any children that needed extra support. This was to help and support children to get them ready to go back to school, ensuring that their learning was not compromised.

Here at 3D Recruit our Consultants have been working right through the pandemic supporting schools and being on hand around the clock to provide guidance, advice, and recruitment support. Work life has changed drastically for us also. Working from home in makeshift office spaces, with registrations and team meetings all taking place on Microsoft Teams or Zoom. It’s ­taken some getting used to it and there’s some certainly been some hurdles, however the business has made some huge innovations during this period. Everyone is missing the busy office atmosphere; however, the team have been replicating this by keeping in touch regularly over video calls throughout the day.

If you fancy a chat about how the job market is looking during the pandemic, or just want to talk all things education, then give one of the team a call on 01424 775 572.

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